Understanding  Setup Building.. this page is solid gold, enjoy !

This setup page will be an ongoing project as we learn about setup building. It's important to start with the basics involving the science and math and you must understand these basic principles to become a good chief chief.  Generally we are an oval League but all of these explanations and principles applies to both road and oval car's behavior.


You're not alone if you struggle with your setups. We have to learn the hard way that we grow into this knowledge, it's not learned overnight. At the end of the day we will have to start with the basics, don't get discouraged, don't get ahead of your learning curve. I am hopeful this information will help us in our quest to become a better setup builder. If you have information you want to share please send to this email address:  dockpaul@aol.com




Understanding Tires..



Understanding Aerodynamics..



How all this applies for Sim Racing Setups...

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